Preliminary design for a city block in the new Jätkäsaari area near the city center, commissioned by the Helsinki City Planning Department.

The aim was to investigate what the efficiency, volume and parking of the future housing block should be plus how a communal garden plan could be fit into it and simultaneously achieve the city’s ambitious goals for it. As the whole inner yard of the huge block has parking underneath and the ground floor should have as many apartments, shops and communal spaces opening to the garden as possible, the process included multiple sections of each separate building to investigate and tackle the challenges.

The spatial idea for the communal yard is to have a main route that starts from the Park of Good Hope and flows down toward the south through the whole block as a river of “flowing water”. The “water route” molds its’ riverbed and creates “still water areas” in different parts of the inner yard for varied leisure and play. The route also pushes earth masses to form higher, more private gardens.

Designed in close collaboration with Maanlumo and Sumu landscape architects.




Helsinki City Planning Department


58 000 m2