“Gamla Villan” was designed to connect with unique history of the Hanko villa district built between 1879 and 1939. Most of the old villas have been preserved with their grand towers, verandas, balconies and charming atmosphere still intact. The aim was to create a modern house with a touch of historic Hanko. 

​The house sits on a quiet and sheltered meadow. Oak and apple trees combine with a view across the meadow to the sea to provide coordinates which situate the house in its surroundings.

​Several steps were taken to increase volume and create a sense of dignity in keeping with a villa in this area. The cold storage / guest room area was integrated into the main space. The height of the house was emphasized which also gave possibilities to play with the loft space.

​The entrance facade to the street with systematic narrow windows is restrained and calm. The roof is pitched, but over the main living space it is turned – origami-like – to face the garden and the sea. As a result the garden comes as a surprise with its groin vault structure. The high landscape window creates an illusion of a space bigger than its area. Through the loggia in front of the glass wall one moves gradually from the living room outside to the terrace.

Publications: Arkkitehti, Dezeen, Domus, ArchDaily

ArchDaily nominated to Building of the Year 2017 in the category of Houses

Photos: archmospheres.com


Completed 2016




120 m2 + 20 m2