From Earth to Architecture – Experimental Rammed Earth Project of Päivölä. 

The property owners originally wanted to have a garden plan that would respect the old protected building from the 1950´s which they had saved by turning it into modern office and work spaces. The location in the heart of Mäntsälä town center as well as the history of the place inspired to design an addition to the same spot where the old demolished building wing used to be. A vision to replace the parking lot with a “lap-like” gathering place for the city residents was born. 

The aim of the project is also to enable a calming and down to earth spatial experience by experimental use of rammed earth and clay. 


Building permission approved 09/2019




extension c. 80 m2 


Kristiina Kuusiluoma, Martino De Rossi, paikallinen ravintoloitsija, Vihdin betoni, Hanno Burtscher


ARK magazine, Archinfo


Hesinki Design Week 2019 – Dreams about a better world