Everything depends on us humans, our values and attitudes. Well-being people are the key to human activity.

About Us

Collaboratorio is an international architecture studio based in Helsinki, founded in 2016. 
As our name suggests, we strongly believe that architecture is all about collaboration plus intertwining different functions and social aspects into a coherent whole. We are looking for partners who challenge the current way of designing and building cities. Our aim is to renew the building culture and simplify the overly complicated processes of the present building world. 
We want to create beautiful habitats for modern families by using natural and ecological materials while at the same time paying close attention to the place and its history: more beauty, communality, affordability and humanity! Interactive co-operation, profound ecology and long life cycle are at the heart of everything. 
Good design plays a vital role in every phase of the building project. For the presentation of our plans we make use of modern 3D-visualizations not forgetting our signature scale models.

Our principles

For us the good quality of architecture means: 
Co-Operation Skills. All good and beautiful comes from conversing and working together, often through workshops. Collaboration between the client, the contractor and different design parties is open, active and inspirational. 
Service Attitude. As experts of the built environment we want to help our clients to reach the goals on schedule and according to the objective. 
Responsible Design Solutions. The built environment must support global well-being. The solutions are architecturally, functionally and technically sustainable and high-grade. 
Materials. The choise of materials is made by comprehensive assessment of their impacts on both the environment and human condition. 


Kristiina Kuusiluoma, CEO, 2016-
Martino De Rossi, 2016-
Erik Huhtamies, 2023-

We offer an experienced, enthusiastic and international work group, that has vast experience ranging from city planning to construction details. 
Depending on the project we complement our team with experts of different fields, artists and scientists. 
We encourage each other ’s imagination, sensitivity and cordiality – through senses and emotions becomes the architecture that touches the heart and soul: timeless, intelligible, lyrical and human.