Collaboratorio is an international architecture studio based in Helsinki, founded in 2016

Apartment renovation

60-sqm interior renovation with wood and clay, Padova, Italy

Folignano town hall

Town hall from wood and clay, Folignano, Italy

Lamminrahka School Complex

School from massive wood, Lamminrahka

Kuokkalan Kalon

Housing reform block made of wood, Jyväskylä


Experimental rammed earth project, Mäntsälä

HEI Schools Jätkäsaari

Massive brick kindergarten, Helsinki

ANDA Projekt Albert

Art Museum from wood, clay and stone, Tammisaari

Vanhan liiketilan muutossuunnittelu perhejuristien toimistoksi


Renovation and interior design for a law office, Helsinki

Kokous- ja taukotilat luonnonmateriaalista


Meeting rooms of natural materials, Helsinki

Sara Hildén Art Museum

Art Museum from rammed earth, Tampere


Annex to the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki

We want to create beautiful habitats for modern families by using natural and ecological materials while at the same time paying close attention to the place and its history: more beauty, communality, affordability and humanity! Interactive co-operation, profound ecology and long life cycle are at the heart of everything.